Each year new discoveries are being made about the wizard fruit, the
lemon. A new vitamin, vitamin P has been added to the valuable Vitamin
C found in the fresh appetiser of the kitchen, the diet laboratory, the bar and even the boudoir.
The lemon has many tricks. Like turning water into wine, the lemon with
its citric acid quickly changes an acid constitution into an alkaline one.
With its heavy fruit calcium it supplies bones, teeth and nervous system
with basic nourishment. It contains phosphorus also and one of its
grandest properties is its ability is to “digest” proteins when put on
meats, fish, beans and eggs.
The lemon also acts as a healer and an antiseptic. The lemon is one of
the speediest acting enemies against germs. Industrial surgeons have
used in cases of infection due to injury, with marked success. Many
people who have spent fortunes on stubborn forms of eczema have been
led to the lemon to find that the condition soon leaves. Lemon chases
away halitosis (bad breath) and is commonly used in the acting industry.
Lemons roasted until the crack open are given to cough and cold
sufferers with marked success . When the lemon cracks open, the juice,
with brown sugar and fresh pineapple juice can be used to feel
immediate benefit. The pineapple juice adds its powerful enzymes to
those of the lemon for disintegrating the mucous in the throat.
The lemon has been found to be a formidable enemy of dropsy,
rheumatism, scurvy and is also effective in removing tartar.
Fatigue can be combated by the use of the humble lemon. Long distance
walkers are among those to recognise its effectiveness. Experienced
travellers declare that when they add lemon juice to ordinary drinking
water in various localities, it acts as an antiseptic.
Lemon pulp poultices are freely used for boils, abscesses and skin
eruptions. Juice is of course, used internally too in the case of
bronchitis, lemon and oil are used as a gargle and also as an exterior
massage for the throat and chest. “Take of the best fruits in the land in
your vessels” Genesis 43 : 11

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