When you're troubled, tell the Lord                                  Psalm 46.1

When you're puzzled, read His word                         Psalm 119.105

When  you're downcast, start to praise                            Isaiah 61.3

Prove Him on your darkest days                                     Psalm 34.19

When you long to know His will                                    Romans 12.2

Listen hard and keep quite still                                       Psalm 46.10

When you’re lonely, seek His face                           Deuteronomy 31.8

He will give sufficient grace                                  2 Corinthians 12.9

When you feel you can't hold out                          Matthew 14 30-31

Believe, and overcome the doubt                                        James 1.6

When you're tempted don't give in                                   James 1.12

Pray for strength, then fight to win                                 Psalm 29.11

Yes, when e're you have a need                                   Phillipians 4.19

Kneel before His throne and plead                                  Psalm 55.17

Every word God says is true                                         Psalm 119 160

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