In John 21:19 Jesus tells us to “Follow Me”. This command to follow Him is awesome! When you do that which Jesus commands, you are at the start of each day entering unknown areas within your life.

Within the pages of Bible, we have seen and read of Jesus in all of the different phases of His life and it now remains for us to follow Him,

The outcome of that command of seeing and knowing should now be of living and doing.

When you consider the past in our lives, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to blot it out it must go as it is; we cannot change it and we need not waste time regretting.

Each new day that the Lord God gives us and each new month that He gives to us should be used in following Him.

To follow Christ is to go where He leads and not be worrying of what is to come.

Yes, it may be a life of trial, and yes, it may be a life of suffering or sacrifice but no matter! Our lives are made the better if we simply do our duty and follow and obey Him. We know that Jesus will lead us in the paths of righteousness and the way He takes us only slopes towards the feet of God our Heavenly Father.

So, let us earnestly contend for the faith that was given to us by our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him wherever He shows us to go.

Follow Me


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