Jesus kept the Sabbath!

If Jesus had not kept the Sabbath then He would have broken HIS OWN LAW and that would HAVE MADE HIM A SINNER like the rest of us and we wouldn't have a Saviour;we would be yet IN OUR SINS!

Luke 4:16 Jesus came to Nazareth and He went into the Synagogue on THE SABBATH Day! Now,this was the custom of Jesus to attend the sabbath each week. See also verses 17-19 and in Verses 31-32. For Jesus taught the people on the Sabbath days.

Mark 3:1-6 Jesus healed people on the Sabbath and on this occasion Jesus was furious with the pharisees!

John 5:5-19 In this account Jesus heals a man by the pool. Those Jews who were there,were saying that it was forbidden to heal on the Sabbath! How evil of them! Jesus was obeying the spiritual law of God but those men had hardened their hearts to the good that Jesus was doing!

Apostles kept the Sabbath!

Throughout the book of Acts,we find that Paul kept the Sabbath. Acts 16:12-13.

Acts 17:2-4. Here we see Paul keeping and worshipping on the Sabbath and not only  the Jews but ALSO TO GENTILES! These Gentiles were Greeks!

Acts 13:14 Paul kept the Sabbath in Pisidia (Antioch) and notice in Acts 13:42-44 where Paul teaches not only Jews but Gentiles on the Sabbath. Not SUNDAY but ON THE SABBATH!

Acts 18:4-11. Paul kept the Sabbath in Corinth and he taught the people both Jews and Gentiles for 18 Months! Teaching the Word of God every seventh day, not Sunday the first day but on the Seventh day!! If the Sabbath commandment had been abolished then you certainly would expect Paul to say so,but he did not!

Isaiah 2:1-4 The nations will in God's kingdom, keep His laws and His commandments. This scripture is yet to be fulfilled,it is a prophecy of what will take place in the kingdom of God. Notice that the words will come from Jerusalem,that is from the very capital of the world when Jesus is in complete power.

Galatians 3:26-29. Gentiles will be Abraham's spiritual children because they are all one in Christ,(verse 28) and so they will be with Christ in His kingdom!

Zeph 3:9. World will have one pure new language! Compare this with Genesis 11.

Zech 14:16-19. All nations to keep the Sabbaths of The Lord God and those nations will keep the feast of tabernacles! This has not yet taken place but it will in the kingdom of God,the millenium,which is prophesied here.

Micah 4:1-5. Here is a picture of what it will be like in the kingdom of our God. Notice in verse 3, weapons of destruction will be destroyed and used for farming! In verse 4 it tells us that every man shall have his own property and none shall make them afraid! This has not happened yet but under the rule of Jesus it will.

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