Oh England , my England , what has become of you ?
        No longer now the country that once so many Knew.
 Over 60 years ago we sang of lasting peace -
We'd create a better world, hostilities would cease.
We truly thought we fought to make a better place,
To erase discrimination from the human race.
But looking around to-day I have to face the truth,
That it was all for nothing that we sacrificed our youth.
The society we live in now has spiraled so far down,
With drunken, drug filled youngsters rampaging through the town.
We cannot walk in safety down many of our streets,
Gone are the days of bobbies pounding their beats.
Children who cannot read or write : A penniless NHS
Pensions and mortgage scandals, we are sure in a mess.
Gas and water shortages yet prices simply soar,
Councils cut our services yet demand more cash galore.
To help illegal immigrants and to provide for teenage mothers.
Moral standards have declined, like so many others.
We ex-service generation just cannot understand
How nothing has worked out the way that we had planned.
Now we have grown old and helpless it seems quite indefensible
The ones who made the sacrifice are deemed to be dispensable.
Strict discipline is what we need, at home and in our schools,
Harsh punishment and public shame to those who break the rules.
Jimmy may sleep in his bed, but puppets we've become,
Expected to be subservient to the march of the E.C. drum.