The Meaning of The Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles: This festival pictures the Millennium—the 1,000 years of Christ's reign on earth. The true harvest of mankind can now take place. Without Satan (the source of evil)around, all nations can be brought to God. For 1,000 years, a Golden Age shall reign, happiness and peace shall be a reality and worldwide salvation shall be for all. This harvest of persons is far larger than the first as the fall harvest is much the larger harvest season in the agricultural cycle. The Millennium shall be the time when God sets His hand to save the world. It shall be a time of rebuilding, the forging of a new world under God's laws.
The Last Great Day

 Despite a thousand years of peace and happiness, it must be remembered that untold millions have lived and died without ever having had the knowledge to understand salvation. The Last Great Day represents the time when they shall be resurrected and given that chance—not a second chance but a first chance, a chance they will not have had before. Only then shall God's initial plan for mankind be at an end. Thus, this last great holy