the scriptures but were now turning away from the good teachings of God’s Word and then turning back to fables!
Greater Detail

With these things in mind let’s look at this subject in greater detail. There are three or four points that we should look at which will answer the questions about why some will only use certain names for God the Father and that of Jesus the Son of God. These names that are used which for many are sacred and this being so, one should only use the sacred name in order to pray and worship our heavenly Father and his Son.
The then question is this: do we need to only use the sacred names of God in order to pray and worship Him and do we need a “pure” language?  And if so, does that language have to be in Hebrew?

In Genesis 6:5 gives us some information as to what was happening at that time in man’s history and at that time the world of mankind had come to a level of total evil.   Even their “thoughts and imaginations” were only centred on evil.

Genesis 6:11 The earth was filled with violence. Question: Did one universal language at that time stop sin? No! So, the language that had been used since the creation of Adam and Eve was still the same speech as at this particular time in man’s history.
You may well be asking, “what has that got to do with using a sacred name?” The answer will become clearer as we go on.

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