All Biblical dates start from sunset of the previous day.

First Day of the new year: Sunday, March 24th

Passover: Wednesday March 27th

First Day Unleavened Bread: Thursday March 28th

Wavesheaf Day: Sunday, March 31st

Last Day Unleavened Bread: Wednesday April 3rd

Pentecost: Sunday, May 19th

  Following dates are tentative  depending on   the sighting of the moon  nearer the time.

Trumpets: Sunday, September 8th

Atonement:Tuesday, September 17th

Tabernacles:Sunday,September 22nd

Last Great Day:Sunday, September 29th

Why Should Christians Observe theTrue Sabbath and the Holy Days?
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We follow God’s Lunar, Biblical, Holy Day calendar, as commanded in
                           Exodus 23 and in Genesis 1:14-15