Many people reading this article will probably already know or at the least suspect, that the present `god` or ruler of this world and its` governing and motivating systems, is most definately  NOT  the same God as the God of  Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. No, unfortunately for this world its` currrent `god` is not the Almighty Heavenly Father, he is not the Son, the God Creator, Jesus Christ, he is not even one of the favoured arch angels, Gabriel or Michael. As most people upon this earth must surely realise by now, the `god` of this world is not as so many are erroneously told and asked to believe, a loving, caring, generous and forgiving `god`, but how many professing `christians` believe this to be the case?  How many misguidingly trust in the lie that Jesus Christ is already ruling this world and has been doing so for hundreds, even thousands of years, watched over and guided by God the Father. And that all of this cruelty, horror and injustice that abounds and pervades every nook and cranny of our daily lives is merely the result of an on-going battle that rages between good and evil which one day, when God the Father and Jesus Christ, somehow become powerful enough, they will then manage to gain the upper hand over Satan and conquer him.  WHAT ? ? ?  Haven`t any of these `believers` been careful and fearful enough to read their own bibles and the scriptures for themselves, and if they have, which part don`t they understand?  For a start, how can they imagine for one second that if Jesus Christ was intending to rule this world right now, that He would have first created an arch angel by the name of Lucifer, who then, by his own free will rebelled against God and became the lawless one now named (by God) Satan. How can they imagine   

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