I should think that there is a distinct possibility that even the remotest tribe of people living on this planet have come to realize that something is `in the air`, a change perhaps. If these people also have access to world media as (surprising as this may seem) many do, or are in contact with others who do, then they may well already have been seduced by a ready packaged, neatly wrapped, man-made name and description of this change.  It has been cynically branded and labelled as `Global Warming` and /or `Climate Change. It would appear, so we are informed by scientists and they would have us believe, that mankind`s feeble and unintentional efforts to produce `greenhouse` gasses, have surpasssed anything that the natural workings of this world have ever produced before or could ever hope to produce in future. Now I think that we all know just how polluting a volcanic erruption can be, but how many of us realize that there are in fact 850 known volcanos worldwide above sea level that are active and constantly puffing away and that in Indonesia alone, 77 of its` 167 volcanoes have errupted within documented history. Most people reading this will probably have heard of Krakatoa, a volcano which litterally exploded between Sundra and Java in the Sundra strait in 1883, but how many realize the ammount of pollution that this explosion produced. Huge rocks were thrown up to 34 miles high into and way beyond the breathable air of this planet. Choking, smothering, volcanic dust fell to the ground as far as 3,313 miles away ten days later. But, as massive as this explosive erruption was, there is another known to man that was even bigger! It occured in 1,628 BC, in Santorini in    

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