Quite a few people reading this can, I imagine, recall the words of the children`s hymn with the chorus, `We will rock you, rock you, rock you`, well, if we think about it, just as if !  From an early age many of the children who have sang this `pretty little hymn` are given the impression of a helpless little baby who is to be forever our God and also who is to be forever a baby. It is not only this hymn that produces this mind-set in people, many `sun` day schools manage to inculcate this idea of the eternal `baby God` by the over repeated teaching and the yearly acting out of the `nativity` because they say `children identify with other children`. Unfortunately this maudlin sentimentalism is more often than not either consciously or subconsciously carried over from childhood into adulthood and still effects people`s perception of our Great God and Creator, Jesus Christ. The nativity plays performed by almost every `christian` church and infant/primary school in the world have almost become some sort of obsessive yearly, `life giving` (as they may think) ritual required for our God to exist, but not necessarily just in the minds of the children involved, but also for the adults that watch who, I would suppose, nine times out of ten, performed the same type of nativity plays when they were children. Has anybody reading this article ever tried to reason from a biblical point of view with an adult who has the religious convictions of a six year old?  How many times have we heard the term `the baby Jesus`? Ahh, He must so desparately need us, so much so in fact that we have to celebrate His never ending one week old `birthday` every year, yes we do, and the `christian` churches of this world have given it a name and called it `christmas`. So what do the `christians` of this world do on         

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