Article 40

Before we begin proper, let`s get one thing clear in everybody`s minds. Spirit beings, (the Lord God excepted) including angels, and demons, cannot reproduce whatsoever, they have no capability to do so. (Which is another reason why Satan despises us all so much, he is consumed by frustration, jealousy and hatred!)

   Jesus Christ indicates to this inability for spirit beings to reproduce in  Matthew 22: 30.`For in the resurrection they (the resurrected humans) neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are the same as the angels of God in heaven`.

So much for the idea that Satan and/or his demons (or any other spirit being for that matter) have in times past sired offspring by having sex with human females!


As mere human beings, has anybody reading this ever wondered, where do we, mere flesh and blood, stand in comparison to even the very least of the angels?

   If we look at the first portion of scripture for this article (the words of which were spoken by very God Himself, when in the shape and form of Jesus Christ) we will find a part of the answer.

   Matthew 11: 11. `Truly I say to you, Amongst them that are born of women (obviously Himself excepted) there has not risen anybody greater than John the baptist: notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven, is greater than he`.

   Now some may argue the point that not all angels where by that time (nor are they now) allowed unfettered entry into the kingdom of heaven, the Satan led rebellion having made one third of them unwelcome, and so maybe those words spoken by Jesus in that first portion of scripture refer only to those angels who have retained a specific power through integrity and righteousness and who still remain faithful to the Lord. But even so, is this specific `power through righteousness` as it where, entirely the case as far as power or being `powerful` is concerned?

   The word `greater` as used by Jesus in that last scripture specifically means greater in righteousness rather than greater in power, but even so, because of what they are, it goes without saying that all angels, good or evil, are naturally greater in power (or rather more powerful) than human beings.

  Faithfulness and integrity aside, we humans are (in a very specific way, and only for the time-being) a `lesser` form of created being than an angel or a spirit being, and there is a Psalm that tells us of this fact.

   Psalm 8: 4-5. `What is man, that You are mindful of him? and the sons of man, so that You pay attention to him? For You have created him a little lower than the angels, and have crowned him with glory and honour`.

    Now I find that the question arises; In what way have we been created lower than the angels? Well, it would appear from `reading between the lines` of this next scripture that their are two main points of difference, the first being that we are not `immortal` and the second being that a certain amount of power, or rather authority, has been denied us, however, we are far from being worthless, so far in fact that God Himself sacrificed His own life in the flesh so that we may have the chance of eventually becoming like Him and then to be lovingly welcomed as a member of His family and have authority over all angels! (That last fact, when made known to Satan, must really have `upset` him!!!)

  Let`s read from  Hebrews 2: 9-10. `But we see Jesus who was made (altered from His position as God, one of the Two Elohim) a little lower than the angels so that He could experience the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; so that He by the grace of God (the Father) should experience death on behalf of every man. For it suited His purpose, for Whom are all things, and by Whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, in order to make the Captain of their salvation perfect by way of His sufferings`.

    It appears from the various but limited accounts to be found within the pages of the bible that the created beings (that is those made known to mankind) who dwell in the angelic realm fall into four main categories:

   1. There are those who are in constant attendance at the Lord God`s throne and who are also His personal servants.

  2. Those who are also in the Lord`s personal service but are general messengers and go-betweens, liasing between the heavenly realms and the goings-on on earth.

   3. Those who make up the angelic fighting force, the heavenly army.

   4. The angels who rebelled against the Lord, and elected of their own free will to follow the arch demon Satan, and have now themselves become demons.

    As we progress through this article we will encounter examples of each of the above categories from various biblical scriptures. We will begin with some of the angels in attendance at the Lord`s throne.

   Isaiah 6: 1-2. `In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord, sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple. Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he did fly`.

  Now, before moving on to the next angelic category let`s stay with this portion of Isaiah and read a bit more. Isaiah 6: 5. `Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.`

And so after speaking these words what should we suppose happened next, does Isaiah get banished from the presence of the Lord, thrown out by one of His attending angels? We`ll read on.  Isaiah 6: 6-7. `Then flew one of the seraphims to me, having a burning coal in his hand which he had taken with tongs from off the altar. And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this has touched your lips; and your guilt is taken away, and your sin purged`.

 After this has happened the Lord Himself speaks.  Isaiah 6: 8. `Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and whom shall go for Us? then said I, Here I am, send me`.  

   Should we suppose that the actions that one of the seraphim performed as mentioned in verses 6 and 7 were commanded of him at that precise time by the Lord?  Alternatively did the seraphim automatically know that which needed to be done and so he performed it without having to be told, thus demonstrating a freedom of will, albeit it a trained and educated one?

    Let`s now look at an example of which is perhaps the best known angelic category, the general messengers and earthly go-betweens, the beings that most people consider to be and recognize as, angels.  Genesis 16: 6-7. `But Abram said to Sarai, Behold, your maid is under your control, do to her as it pleases you. And so when Sarai dealt harshly with her, she fled from her face.  And the angel of the Lord found her by a fountain of water in the wilderness, by the fountain in the way to Shur`.  

   Note the words `found her` mentioned in that last portion of scripture, they would suggest that Hagar`s disappearance from her normal abode had been brought to the Lord`s attention (presuming that He did not already know) and that as a consequence an angel, on his own, had been sent to find her and communicate a messsage to her from the Lord. But are angels always entrusted to do things alone? Remember, the messenger angels are just that, messengers, they do not make decisions of their own device and choosing on the Lord`s behalf and then act upon them!

   Moving a bit further on, we`ll read from  Genesis 18: 1-2. `And the Lord appeared to Abram in the plains of  Mamre; and he sat in the tent doorway in the heat of the day. And he lifted up his eyes and looked, and lo, three men stood by him: and when he saw them he ran from the tent doorway to meet them, and he bowed himself toward the ground`.  In this scripture we learn that the Lord Himself has come down upon the earth accompanied by two of His angels. But why, why is He bothering to join in the work of the `go-between` angels? Well it is because He has heard of the endemic, sensual, murderous and generally evil goings on that are constantly taking place in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and He wants to verify that which He has heard from the mouths  of His angels before He sanctions drastic actions against these two cities. Let`s read on.  Genesis 18: 20-21. `And the Lord said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous, I will go down now and see (for Myself) whether they have done all according to the report of it which has come to Me; and if it is not so then I will know`.  It is clear from what the Lord has said in that last portion of scripture that He does not rely nor act soley upon the words of His angels when it comes to life and death decisions. He does not entrust them to know His will in every given situation, and He certainly has not given them any authority to try and `second guess` it!  

   Angels do not only communicate with humans face to face but also in what can best be described as `dreams`, as we can read of in  Genesis 31: 11. `And the angel of God spoke to me in a dream, saying, Jacob: And I replied, Here am I`.    At this point I think that it would be advantageous to draw your attention to a couple of warnings about `dreams` and also angels, first we`ll read about dreams from  Jeremiah 23: 25-28. `I (the Lord) have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in My name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed. How long shall this be in the hearts of the prophets who prophesy lies? Yes, for they are prophets of the deceit that comes from their own heart; They mean to cause My people to forget My name by way of their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, just as their fathers have forgotten My name in favour of Ba`al. The prophet that has a dream, then let him call it a dream, but he who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? (in comparison) Says the Lord`.   We can learn from that last portion of scripture that some (if not most of) the prophets of the time were deliberately putting  divine interpretation and meaning (which just simply was not there) into (common to all men) dreaming. But what of angelically inspired `dreams` or `visions`, are they also to be dismissed as commonplace dreaming? Well, if the dreamer insists that they are as sure as they can be of their spiritual origin, then these `dreams`or `visions` should certainly be treated with suspicion and caution, bear in mind, not all angels are of the Lord`s `household`, one third are now demons, and any `dream` or `vision` that they give to a person will only be for evil intent whether it be a lie or true, or as is more often the case, it will be a mixture of truth and lies! Remember, Satan and his demons enjoy mixing their lies with the Lord`s truth, it makes it a lot harder for the hearer/receiver to differentiate between the two.

    Now we`ll read some advice about angels, or rather the `spirit` that these angels  can seduce an individual to accept and adopt, 1 John 4: 1-3. `Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are come from the Lord: because many false prophets are operating in the world. This is how to recognize the spirit of the Lord; Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of the Lord. And every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is not of the Lord: this then is the spirit of antichrist, whereof you have heard that it would come, and it is even now already at work in the world`.  

    Any true angel of the Lord is usually uncompromising in his mission as far as his dealings with mankind or an individual is concerned, that is unless a certain amount of discression has been allowed him by the Lord. Generally, an angel of the Lord will not vacillate, waver or debate with an individual or individuals when about to do that which he has been ordered (by the Lord) to do. A person cannot plead or argue their case to an angel who has been given specific instructions to carry out to the letter, and we can read of one such incidence in  Exodus 23: 20-21. `Behold, I send an angel before you, to keep you in the way, and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, do not provoke him, for he will not pardon your transgressions: for My name is in him`.  Wow, best not try and engage an angel like that in friendly banter!

   An angel of the Lord will not of their own free will interfere with humankind or an individual, (exactly the opposite to the agenda which the demonic angels of Satan execute) they will however perform `hands on` tasks (sometimes with life-changing consequences) when  ordered to do so. One memorable (and in part amusing) example can be found in this next scripture.

    Numbers 21:23. `And Ba`laam rose up in the morning, and saddled his ass, and went with the princes of Mo`ab. And God`s anger was aroused because he went: and the angel of the Lord went and stood in his way, opposing him. Now he was riding upon his ass and his two servants were with him. And the ass saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way, his sword drawn in his hand, and so the ass turned aside, out of the way, and went into a field, and so Ba`laam struck the ass in order to turn her back onto the way`.  Ba`laam cannot see the sword-bearing angel, the Lord has `blinded` him in that respect, but his ass can see him and it just wants to avoid this angel at all costs and so refuses to get back onto the way (the road)  so, in his mounting frustration and anger, Ba`laam strikes the ass twice more, the last time with a heavy staff, and so then the Lord performs this miracle, verse 28: `And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass , and it said to Ba`laam, What have I done to you in order to cause you to strike me these three times?  Ba`laam goes on to have a debate with his ass and eventually the Lord opens his eyes and he sees the angel with his sword raised ready to strike and kill him, the angel then says to him,  verses 32-33. `Wherefore have you struck your ass three times? behold, I went out to oppose you, because your way is perverse before me: The ass saw me and turned from me these three times: unless it had turned from me, surely I would have slain you, but saved it alive`.  (The angel appears to be speaking as if he was the Lord Himself, but he is in fact speaking on the Lord`s behalf.) Ba`laam then confesses his sin and continues his journey having corrected himself before the Lord.

  Even though the Lord often entrusts His angels to unquestioningly do His bidding, He keeps a very close eye on what is actually being perpetrated by them in His name, and in certain situations He does not leave them alone to carry out certain tasks to the utmost, even if they have been given instructions to do so. With life or death situations were many people are involved, the Lord God does not allow His angels to be left entirely to their own devices. Apart from Sodom and Gomorrah another good example of this sort of situation is to be found in  2 Samuel 24: 16. `And when the angel stretched out his hand over Jerusalem in order to destroy it (completely) the Lord relented from the destruction, and said to the angel who was destroying the people, It is enough, now restrain your hand. . . `

   Just as the angels and other spirit being are expected to carry out the Lord`s commands and instructions to the letter, so are we, providing of course that we have made as absolutely sure as we possibly can that what we do IS in fact the Lord`s will!)  

  Let`s have an example of this from 1 Kings 13: 7-9. `And the king said to the man of God, Come home with me, and refresh yourself, and I will give you a reward. And the man of God said to the king, If you will give me half of your house, I will not go with you, neither will I eat bread nor drink water in this place. For so it was commanded me by the word of the Lord, saying, Eat no bread, nor drink water, nor turn again by the same way that you came`.   So far so good for the man of God (a prophet), but on reading further we find out that he is deceived by an older prophet who, by his lies, convinces the man of God that it is safe to defy the Lord`s original instructions because they have now been replaced by newer ones. Verses 18-19. `He (the older prophet) said to him, I am a prophet, the same as you are; and an angel spoke to me by the word of the Lord, saying, Bring him back with you into your house, so that he may eat bread and drink water. But he lied to him. So he went back with him, and did eat bread in his house, and drank water`.  

  Just as this event has happened, the older prophet prophesies to the man of God and foretells of his soon coming destruction for disobeying the Lord`s original command. We`ll pick up the story again in  verses 23-24. `And it came to pass, after he (the man of God) had eaten bread, and after he had drunk, that he (the older prophet) saddled for him the ass, that is, for the prophet whom he had brought back. And when the man of God was on his way, he was met by a lion, which slew him: and his carcass was cast in the road, and the ass stood by it, and also the lion`.  

   From the reading of that portion of scripture we can understand that angels, whether `good` or evil, can deceive us. It depends to what extent we, as individuals, are being `tested` by the Lord.

   Some helpful advice for us regarding such an event (should it ever occur) can be found in the new testament book of  1 John 4: 1-3. (some of which we have already read) `Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to determine whether they are of the Lord: because many false prophets are at large in the world. Hereby shall you know the spirit of the Lord: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of the Lord. And every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is not of the Lord: this is the spirit of antichrist, whereof you have heard that it should come; and even now it is already in the world`.  

    It may come as a surprise or even as a shock to some to discover that angels in the service of the Lord can, and do, lie!  One of the best examples that I can find in the scriptures regarding this fact is in  1 Kings 22: 19-22. `And he said, Hear you therefore the words of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on His throne, and all of the host of heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left. And the Lord said, Who shall persuade Ahab, so that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead? And one spoke in this manner and another spoke in that manner. And then there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persuade him. And the Lord said to him, How? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all of his prophets. And the Lord said, You shall persuade him, and also prevail: go forth, and do so`.  

  Test the spirits indeed!!

  We know that angels are spirit beings, we know that seraphim and cherubim are spirit beings (albeit of a totally different creation amongst who knows how many other types the Lord has created?) but from what the scriptures tell us I think that it is relatively safe to deduce that only angels can take on solid human form which has something covering it very akin to our human flesh. (but no blood!) Do angels get hungry? I do not know, but I do know that they can eat and enjoy eating the same food as we humans, and we can find this out in  Genesis 18: 1-2, and 7-8. `And the Lord appeared to Abram by the oaks of Mamre: and Abram sat by the tent door in the heat of the day; And he lifted up his eyes and looked, and lo, three men (the Lord and two of His angels) stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself towards the ground. And Abram ran to the herd, and brought a calf, tender and good, and gave it to a young man who hurried to prepare it for eating. And Abram took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had prepared, and set it before them; and he stood by them under a tree, and they did eat`.  So, not only do we have the angels tucking into food and drink, but the Lord God also!

   Further on in the book of Genesis, we can find Abram`s nephew, Lot, also entertaining and feeding angels, in fact, he feeds the two angels who have come to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, let`s read  Genesis 19: 3. `And Lot urged them (the two angels) greatly; and so they followed him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat`.

    In the true Church of God there should be no hierarchy of power, obviously Jesus Christ is the head and the One to whom we are all ultimately answerable, but ministers, should be just that, those who `minister`, they are servants to the flock.    

  Nobody in the Lord`s true church should consider themselves to be above anybody else, but contrary to that there is a heirarchy within the `angelic realm`, and we can read of an example of this in  Daniel 10: 13. `The prince of Persia (one of Satan`s chief demons) withstood me for twenty one days, but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, (angels of the Lord God) came to help me. . .`  But, just as in the Lord`s true church, God the Father and Jesus Christ have rule over all spirit beings, and this includes Satan and his demons. (but for the time being they are being left to run their own, doomed course)

    We can ascertain from that last scripture that the Lord has given varying amounts of authority and actual power to each individual spirit being and that in general they are left to deal with each other as circumstances dictate.       However, were human beings are concerned, the Lord God Himself (having given them their orders in the first place) is always more than ready to intervene and `lend a helping hand`.

   What do angels and/or spirit beings look like? Are they for instance, all golden haired and do they all fly around on huge feathery wings whilst being clothed in brilliant white, flowing garments? Do they strum on harps and blow trumpets all day long whilst flitting amongst the fluffy white clouds and twinkling day-stars of some dreamy `heaven`?  

  Unfortunately, the majority of the so-called `christian` people of this world believe some or all of that to be the case. But this is a dangerous and ignorant vision to believe in, and those who do believe in it in whole or in part, tread a very unsure path. Why? Because some of the Lord God`s most trusted and valued angels/spirit beings will, to all deceived `christians`, look in shape and form to be what they believe demons are supposed to look like, but worse, many demons will appear to them in shape and form to look like what they suppose all angels to look like, thus leaving themselves wide open for easy deception and possible damnation `further down the line`.

  Let`s have a look at some descriptions of some of the angels in the Lord`s service.  Ezekiel 1: 5-7. `Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man. And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings. And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf`s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of polished brass`.  verse 10. `As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle`.  Well, nothing `handsome and golden-haired` about these angels, and they are far too `outrageous` to be included into the acceptable appearance category for angels of the mainstream `christian` churches of this world. But these are in fact angels `good` enough serve in the very presence of the Lord God`s throne.  

  Now, what about the `other side of the coin` as it where. What about a handsome, golden-haired angel glowing with light who appears to somebody, should he automatically be trusted and treated with all due respect?  Ill let this next scripture answer that question.  

  2 Corinthians 11: 13-15. `For such are false prophets, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers are also transformed as being the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works`.   

  The angels in the service of the Lord God can be very unassuming in their attitude and appearance, so much so in fact that we are told to be aware that they might be in our company perchance that we don`t even realize that they are. Let`s read from  Hebrews 13: 2. `Do not be forgetful to welcome strangers: because by doing so some have been unaware that they have welcomed angels`.  Bearing in mind that last piece of scripture, we must be spiritually aware and advanced enough to be able to judge between the angels in the service of the Lord God from those who are in the service of Satan, the demons!!  (Again, see 1 John 4: 1-3.)

    So far in this article we have not encountered any example of the Lord having an angelic army, but I think that this next scripture gives us something to consider as regards the possibility of there being one.  

  Matthew 26: 51-53. `And suddenly, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword, struck the servant of the high priest, and cut off his ear. But Jesus said to him, Put your sword in its` place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels?`

   As we are well aware of by now, the angelic realm consists not only of the angels and spirit beings who have remained loyal to the Lord God but also of those who followed and supported Satan in his rebellion against the Lord.

  One third of the created spirit beings (including the God created Lucifer who became Satan) have turned against the Lord and His loyal angels as we can read of in  Revelation 12: 3-4. `And there appeared another sign in heaven; and behold, a great red dragon, (Satan) having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail (his entourage/following) drew (consisted of) the third part of the stars (the angels) of heaven, and did cast them to the earth. . .`  

  These rebellious and lawless angels now known as demons, are very real, and they pose a particular threat not only to those people who refuse to acknowledge their existence, but also to those who do, but think that they can be protected by their priest or by simply being a member of their `christian` church. They cannot! Only a very on-going intimate relationship based on faith (achieved through sincere, daily prayer) with the Lord can totally protect an individual from successful demonic attack.

   Make no mistake, every living human is liable to demonic attack sustained or otherwise, but only those with the Lord`s protection will be able to fend it off successfully and continually.  

  Let`s read  Ephesians 6: 12-13. `For we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. This then being the case, take for yourselves and put on the whole armour of God, so that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand`.  

   One of Satan`s greatest desires is for the whole world to come to believe that he and his demons simply do not exist and that they are in fact nothing more than fairy-tale inventions dreamt up a long, long time ago to frighten and threaten unruly children and ignorant peasants.  

  It is a lie which is still being perpetrated in modern day society coming as it does in the shape and form of book content, media and the movie makers who, instead of portraying demons for what they really are, evil spirit beings, now portray them all as being `aliens` or `monsters` from `parallel worlds` or far distant galaxies, all of which can eventually be overcome and/or neutralised by man`s own ingenuity or his fabricated weaponry.  

  We should take nothing for granted and neither should we automatically believe that which any authority tells us, as being the truth. The scriptures tell us as much.

  For example,  1 Thessalonians 5: 21-22. `Prove all things; keep a firm hold on that which is good. Abstain from all that appears to be evil`. (Which includes breaking any of the ten commandments)

   There is a common belief amongst many `christians` that we have each been appointed a `guardian angel`, that is to say an angel specifically appointed to look after each individual`s well-being and who will do their utmost to always intervene and protect whenever sin or danger threatens.

  Is this then entirely the case? I do not think so, because if it where so, where then would be the sin and the faults that would otherwise have been attributed to the individual? Where then would be the point of living a human life with all of its` inherent dangers removed?  Where then would be the lessons to be learned that human life has to teach those willing to accept and learn them? But most importantly, what would be the point of our Lord God`s suffering and death in the shape and form of Jesus Christ, if we had no faults or sins to be forgiven of ?  Let`s read  1 John 1: 10. `If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him (Jesus Christ) a liar, and His word is not in us`.

   Although the great majority of (if not all) angels have had or still have free moral agency whether to follow the Lord God or Satan, those who obey the Lord and who are in His service, surely know the limit of their allowed involvement in our human lives. They are under instruction from the Lord and it would appear that they have to report back to Him and explain their actions regarding their observations of, and dealings with, humankind, on a regular basis.

  Even the devil, Satan, has to obey the Lord and report back to Him when summoned to do so!!  

  We can read of this in  Job 1: 6-7. `Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. And the Lord said to Satan, Where come you? Then Satan answered the Lord and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.`  and also in  Job 2: 1. Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord`.  

   From the reading of that last scripture we can ascertain that Satan had been ordered or rather made to appear before the Lord, because we know that he is not the sort of character who would willingly interrupt his own self-important business to pay a courtesy visit to anybody.

    For the true Christian who remains in daily contact with the Lord because of and through daily prayer, if anything needs to be done for that individual by way of divine intervention, big or small, then an angel can be summoned to act on the Lord God`s behalf, although in times past, as we can read of in the scriptures, the Lord has often performed divine actions by His own hand.   

   There is a psalm, the meaning of which applied not only to Jesus Christ in the flesh when it was written, but also still applies to the true Christian today, it is  Psalm 91: 9-11. `Because you have made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most high, your habitation, there shall no evil befall (get the better of) you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways`.  

   An angel acting on the Lord`s behalf will follow His instructions to the letter, there is no arguing with him that will persuade him to do anything other than that which he has been sent to do, and so if you do not obey exactly anything that he tells you to do, your life may be in very real danger as we can again read of in  Exodus 23: 20-23. `Behold, I send an angel before you, to keep you in the way, and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, do not provoke him, because he will not pardon your wrong-doings, for My Name is in him. But if you shall indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy to your enemies, and an adversary to your adversaries`.  

  Satanic angels, or rather, demons, can and will commit exactly whatever evil act they know or think that they can get away with committing, (for the time being anyway) and given the opportunity they will influence or perform evil acts on any individual continually! They, as with all spirit beings, do not need rest in order to operate, and so they do not, and as a consequence, the physical and mental suffering for a victim of Satanic attack can be very noticable and unrelenting, but, having said all of that, they cannot touch one hair of the head of a true believer and follower of our Lord Jesus Christ without His direct permission.

    In this next scripture that fact is demonstrated when we read that even Satan had to find out just how far he was to be allowed to go in his tormenting of Job,  Job 1: 9-12. `Then Satan answered the Lord and said, Does Job respect God because of nothing? You have made a barrier around him, and around his household, and around all that he has on every side. You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions are increased in the land. But put forth Your hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse You to Your face. And so the Lord said to Satan, Behold, all that he has is in (I will put in) your power; only upon himself you will not lay your hand. So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord`.   

  However, the very real and mostly non noticable danger for all of humankind is the extremely subtle, mostly attractive, gradual and almost gentle demonic persuasion that pervades and influences every aspect of this our present world and of the way that it operates, especially through that which is taught by its` schools, its` academia in general and its` false, `god` based religions whether they be so-called `christian` or otherwise. We are warned in the scriptures not to have anything to do with these religions or other false teachings or with Satanically influenced governmental decrees, such as being expected to work on the true Sabbath day because if an individual does not then they will lose their job or their unemployment allowance and other entitlements.

   These sorts of things are just a part of the overall Satanically instigated Babylonian system under which this current world is forced to operate, and there is a scripture that warns us all to `come out` of this system together with the world-wide so-called `christian` church which it promotes along with its` accompanying` official `holy` day of `sunday`.

   The true Christian is to have nothing whatsoever to do with this Baylonian system of government as and when it directly affects our duties towards our Lord God, neither should they have anything to do with its` church or its` `holy` days and festivals.  

  Let`s have a read from the book of  Revelation 18: 2-5. `And the angel cried mightily and with a strong voice , saying, Babylon the great is fallen, it is fallen and has become the habitation of demons, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every hateful and unclean bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings (rulers) of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich through the abundance of her wealth. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her My people, so that you do not become partakers of her sins, and so that you do not receive of her sickness. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities`.  

   Just as Job had, how can we get that same God-given `barrier` around ourselves to protect us from successful demonic attack. (Remember, we will always be under attack in this present lifetime!) Well, let`s read from the book of James 4: 7. `Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil (his attractive but evil temptations) and he will flee from you`.

    We who are true, baptized Christians who daily pray to the Lord for guidance and forgiveness of sins, have nothing to fear from injury caused by Satanic attack, but we must always be vigilant against Satanic temptations and unnoticed Satanic influence. (The power of sincere, daily prayer given in true faith will cleanse the true Christian of any unnoticed Satanic influence)

   It is not unusual for us to imagine that any angel in the service of the Lord, to be infallible, to be incapable of making mistakes, but there is a scripture that would appear to indicate otherwise!  Let`s read from  Job 4: 17-19. `Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his Maker? Behold, He put no trust in His servants; and His angels He charged with folly. How much less in them that dwell in houses of clay,(humankind) whose foundation is in the dust, which are crushed before the moth?`   

   If angels are not trusted entirely by the Lord, where then does that leave us, mere flesh and blood, remember how we are described in the book of Psalms?

   Psalm 8: 4-5. `What is man that You are mindful of him? and the son of man so that You pay attention to him? For You have made him to be a little lower than the angels . .  .`

   Nevertheless, we should take heart from  Hebrews 2: 16. `For truly, He took not on Him the nature of angels, ; but He took on Him the seed of Abraham`.

   A more modern translation of this from the New King James version is simply; `He does not always watch over to give aid to angels, but He does to the seed of Abraham`.

    Although the best general interests of all mankind are blessed with the Lord`s protection, specific protection is always available for the true Christian believer if the Lord deems it necessary. Our God is not an interfering God, He gives everybody room to develop and grow. If a man can do in a given time-frame that which the Lord expects of him to do, then the Lord will leave him alone to eventually accomplish it. (This can sometimes take a lifetime!) If instant and drastic action is needed in any situation, then apart from Personal `hands on` intervention, the Lord will send an angel to help. For just one example, in this next portion of scripture that we shall read, king Hezekiah of Israel has prayed to the Lord for help in defeating Israel`s enemies which greatly outnumber them, and Isaiah the prophet has been sent to relay this mesage from the Lord back to him.  

   2 Kings 19: 20. `Then Isaiah, son of Amoz, was sent to Hezekiah, saying, Thus says the Lord God of Israel, That which you have prayed to Me against Sennacherib, king of Assyria, I have heard`.  And on reading further through the scripture we come to the verse which tells us what the Lord`s angel did to help Israel defeat the Assyrians.  2 Kings 19: 35. `And it came to pass that night, that the angel of the Lord went out, and struck in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty five thousand: and when they (those left alive) arose early in the morning, they found themselves surrounded by dead corpses`.  

    Angels in the service of the Lord are also acting as representatives of the Lord, and as such they should be treated with the utmost respect, but we should never bow down to them or worship them!  

  On reading from the book of Revelation there is a verse that tells us of the apostle John`s encounter with an angel and of what the angel had to say to him about his attempt to worship him.  Revelation 19: 10. `And I (John) fell at his feet to worship him. And he (the angel) said to me, See that you do not do that, for I am your fellow servant, and of your bretheren who have the testimony of Jesus: worship God. . .`

   So alternatively, should we then treat Satan and his demons with utter name-calling contempt and disrespect? Well the scriptures tell us NO! It would seem, and it is indeed the case, that only the Lord God has the right to `put down` or judge and condemn any living thing, be it a human being or a spirit being. Not even the archangel Michael has the authority to be disrespectful towards or even give a personal judgment (even if it is true and based on irrefutable fact) against any of us or against a fellow spirit being as is demonstrated in this next scripture.  

  Jude 1: 9. `Yet Michael the archangel, when disputing with Satan about the body of Moses, dare not bring against him a condemning accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke you`.


 Let`s finish with this:

  We, the true believers and followers of Jesus Christ, are in fact the children, and so the heirs, of a great King and His kingdom.

   However, as with all children from great households and families, we have been appointed guardians/stewards (angels) who are under strict instructions to watch over us and to assist with our proper up-bringing but without meddling or intervening in any way unless directly instructed to do so.

   Galations 3: 26-29 and 4: 1-2. `For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ`s, then you are Abraham`s seed, and heirs according to the promise. Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, even though he is master of all, but has been placed under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the Father`.

   Our heavenly Father has already laid down the ground-rules for us (in the bible) so that we have no excuse to ignore or to overrule any of them by (for example) supposing that the stewards/ guardians have been and are making them up as they go along.

    The stewards/guardians,  for the time being, have been given authority over their `young masters`,  but the day shall come when the children will have grown up and this will happen:

   1 Corinthians 6: 2-3. `Do you not understand that the believers will judge the world? and if the world is to be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest of matters? Don`t you know that we shall judge angels? then how much more to the things that pertain to this present life?`

   Only the angels in the service of the Lord God Almighty have been given authority over us.

  If we resist the temptations of Satan and his demons then they can have no power or authority over us whatsoever!

   James 4: 7. `Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist Satan, and he will flee from you`.

  Yes, angels and other spirit beings, good or evil, have more power to yield than we have, but it is useless against any true, repentant believer and follower of Jesus Christ unless the use of that power has been directly sanctioned by the Lord God.