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Just What Causes War?

In a talk with someone just recently, the question came up about what causes war and conflict amongst the nations that has plagued this world for thousands of years.
It would seem, given the weapons of mass destruction of this modern age, that the threat that mankind will eventually destroy himself and all life on this planet we call Earth, is a real one!

Can a world that has so much technology and knowledge that can be used for good, used it to destroy all that mankind seems to hold dear? And if mankind is bent on destruction, why, and what causes him to want to do that which is so awesome as to want to commit suicide?
The world has changed so much since the end of the second world war. Nations that were formally enemies are now friends and nations that were once regarded as friends are now regarded as enemies!
Even the United Nations organization has failed in stopping wars and conflicts between countries and even the troubles within some countries.

Are there “Just Wars” in The World?

For many, there are cases for “just” wars but can that be? When you consider this idea, where are the rules and who decides those rules? Is it not men? For when one nation deems it a “just war” by  invading another for whatever reasoning, the nation being invaded will deem it an “unjust” war!
The many political and religious differences in the world also create conflict .
For some, religion is high on the list for men going to war and people blame wars on the religious views of others.
The same could be said of politics, where communism and socialist ideas come into conflict and also so-called democratic nations have bitter views on what is the best form of government for the human race!
Certainly, after many thousands of years of conflict between the nations of men they still have not been able to have peace.
Even those who have no religion, that is, those who reject any belief in God or a superior being who put all of creation together, have failed to bring lasting peace to the world of mankind!