For the most part, I should imagine, any member of any religious congregation, not just `christian` church congregations, thinks and hopes that they are with that congregation to come before the one, true, Almighty God, to worship and to praise Him. Of course there are secular organisations which openly profess to have nothing to do with the Almighty God, Creator, and neither do they believe that He, exists. These organisations, such as the Communist party, are comprised of people who knowingly and willingly follow their perceived superior`s and leader`s orders (more often than not blindly), and in the vast majority of cases, without any due concern or conscience as to the consequences of the effects on other people, of those orders, no matter how inhuman and cruel they may be. Take for an example the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, and their conquering `empire building` and domineering, ruthless power lust which, because of it, started the second world war. And who could forget all of the atrocities that were ordered by the heirarchy of the members of that Nazi party who, when tried for their heinous crimes, tried to explain it all away by saying `we were only carrying out orders`. Then there was Joseph Stalin, head of the Communist party of Russia, who ordered the murder and the slaughter of tens of millions of his own people, not so long after the atrocities that were carried out by the Nazis. And bear in mind this important point, these leaders would be completely powerless if it was not for the obsequious following of seemingly `ordinary` people.   Now, the question arises, would we be right to suppose that this sort of blind, almost reverential obedience and following, is strictly limited to such organisations as the Communist or the Nazi, party and the       

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