As many of the people living in the U.K. already know, the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known worldwide as the BBC, (and to some of us in the U.K. as the `Babylonian Broadcasting Corporation`), have been showing for about 45 or more years now, a  fantasy children`s programme entitled `Dr. Who`. Now, this character has, as the storyline informs the viewer, over the years, `regenerated` himself and thus has been able to survive for hundreds of decades and longer in whatever human form he happens to inherit after being `regenerated`. He seems to spend most of his waking hours (never seen him sleep) travelling through parallel chunks of time and space in his `Tardis`, a time and relative dimension transporter machine (or whatever) over which he, more often than not, seems to have very little control! It should come as no surprise to any of us that this `doctor` is in fact an `alien`, which seems these days, to be the accepted explanation for the possible, plausable existance for every lunatic, lying, fantasy that eminates from any man or woman writer`s fevered imagination. Align this `alien` theme along with the idiotic idea that time itself, can create things, then we come to the popularist train of thought adopted by many so-called `scientists` (when the actual truth is far from them), that mankind `evolved` and has subsequently been `discovered` by `aliens` of a superior intelligence to our own and that we have been continued to be `visited` by them ever since. Nuts! I`ve got some patently obvious `news` for these `scientific` dreamers, time, does not, cannot, create anything. In fact, it does just the opposite!  Time makes to grow old and die, it erodes and wears away, it allows decomposition and rot to set in, and it brings ever closer the   

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