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The event that prompted me to write this article happened some years ago now and has rarely been out of the news since. It concerns  the case of the four year old girl that `went missing` in Portugal and whose parents, it was later revealed, are practising Roman catholics.  In their understandably desparate attempts to find their little girl, they appear to have gone down every `physical` avenue that they could go down to try and put an end to the nightmare situation which had befallen them and their young child. Eventually, after growing more and more despondant with being offered false leads and false hopes, they turned to their church for help and inspiration and perhaps, (hope beyond hope) a miracle. But they, like so many other so-called `christians`, turned for help to a false church, one that is ruled by its` own `god`, who sits at the very top of a pyramidical heirarchy of Satanically driven cardinals and bishops and priests. And the one who sits in this pyramidical rule (for the time being) directly beneath the `god` of this church, is a man to whom they have given and who readily wears, the blasphemous title of `pope`. And this man has taken it upon himself to go along with the main, Satanic doctrine of this false church that, when he sits on his `throne`, he is in fact now become a sort of  `God incarnate` and is therefore imbued with all God given authority!  But, as these desparate parents of this `missing` young girl were to find out, this `pope`, this mere man, could not provide any miraculous help to find or even further the discovery of the whereabouts of their daughter. The parents, full of hope and earnest expectations about the eventual outcome of their meeting with this